IMCL leverages distinctive, insight-driven and proven methods to increase the pace, certainty and successful outcomes of our Clients’ Organization change programs.

We partner with our Clients to:

  • Envision, plan, and manage enterprise-wide organization transformation programs
  • Plan and execute change management initiatives, with speed and agility
  • Build an internal change capability that is increasingly agile and adaptive

Our integrated focus on organization transformation, change management and change capability building is an approach to organization change that is clearly differentiated in the marketplace.

IMCL can enable your company to manage change with precision and more predictable results, at a pace that is faster and more effective than your peers. Traditional change management activities, like training and communication, are no longer enough to help drive change at the scale and pace required today. Our comprehensive and integrated approach can help your company grow at the speed of change.

Our results are enabled by our holistic infrastructure and extensive experience:

  • Commitment to research and innovation. We help define new generations of solutions based on scientific analysis and research, and on our broad experience with clients around the world. We also team with universities and research organizations to generate insights into issues our clients are facing today, as well as those on the horizon.

    IMCL Organization Change is comprised of three integrated offerings focused on multiple types of programs—including major transformations, specific change journeys and building an ongoing change capability.

    Our solutions include:

  • Organization Transformation: Envisioning, planning and managing enterprise-wide organization change programs. Organization Transformation can help your business analyze the broadest portfolio of change initiatives at the enterprise level.

    Our solution leverages what we call “journey management” in defining the mobilization of skilled resources to plan, deliver and manage large-scale transformations—with an emphasis on achieving your unique business outcomes and value.

  • Change Management: Planning and executing specific journeys of change with speed and agility. Change Management focuses on the discipline of developing the right change strategies to address your specific needs, whether the change program complements an organization transformation or focuses on more transactional change programs.

    Our focus on behavior change can unlock the most efficient means by which leaders in your business encourage this type of change—increasing the program’s likelihood of success.

  • Change Enablement: Building an internal change enablement to become increasingly agile and responsive to new demands and opportunities. Change Capability can help you set up, run and manage change programs.

    It provides tools and techniques to build change leadership and practitioner skills to accelerate the organization’s emergence as a more change-adept and change-agile business.