The IMCL Consulting Model usually begins with an initial period of intense work – whether it is the development of a strategic plan to the mapping of organizational processes. At an appropriate stage, we often conduct a knowledge transfer to the in-house Client resources to enable them to take over the process using newly-acquired skills.

The intention is to ensure that our most powerful sales tool is the references of our Clients (even though we will get involved in marketing campaigns). The best way to ensure this strong Client advocacy is to ensure our time and our client budgets are spent on the most intensive and value-added areas


  • Engage managers and stakeholders to complete the Needs Analysis and identify objectives that will drive results
  • Conduct a holistic research and competitive analysis to determine opportunities and key success factors
  • Provide tangible solutions, recommendations and strategies aligned with the project goals
  • Group facilitation and/or collaboration where needed in meetings and cross functional teams, through Skype, Face Time, or Face-to-Face
  • Communication of the project to recap decisions made
  • Whether we are leading the team, or, are part of it, our main focus is ensuring a world-class execution


  • Fact-based
  • Flexibly structured
  • Hypothesis driven
  • Engagements are tailored to the specific client situation
  • Our hallmark comes from our ability to be highly effective and productive in a very short period of time
  • We are NOT a traditional consultants Firm (i.e where Senior Partners sell engagements; and Junior Consultants do the work)
  • We are a small group of highly experienced thought Leaders and Practitioners in the core disciplines of Strategic Management, Human Resources Management, Financial Services & Organizational Excellence


  • For Clients, where the requirements are very clear – we develop the project approach, kick-off and proceed directly into the engagement.
  • For other Clients, where the real needs are not clear – we spend a certain time frame (ranging from days to weeks) conducting a thorough diagnostic assessment. This can take several forms. At the conclusion, a clear statement of the challenge and goal is delivered, along with a delivery strategy.
  • Some Clients simply require education, which may later lead to emerging consultants needs. In such situations, we simply provide an executive-level seminar on strategic planning and strategic execution methodologies.


  • Properly-defined Service Offerings
  • Clear, Strong & attractive value proposition
  • Relentless execution of a ‘’team selling’’ strategy
  • A best-in-class consultants platform
  • Operating at a strategic and popular location
  • Recruitment & selection of the upper percentile in the labour market
  • Training & retention of key personnel
  • Competitive reward system
  • Superior execution of projects
  • Maintaining & sustaining relationships